Zen Splash

Zen Splash 1.5.2

Avoid the wire figure looming in 3D!

Avoid the wire figure looming in 3D!

Morning, wash your face When you woke up, please 30 minutes meditation.

Then, eat breakfast, please try to walk the neighborhood for a while.

When you go home, sit in a quiet place, after you were peaceful mind, please try to play this game.

So far the world never seen in the, might have waiting for you.

Rules of this game is very simple.

That continue to avoid the shapes that come flying from the back of the screen, it is just that much of the game.

And ultimate minimalism, entrusted himself to the world of beautiful geometric, please taste the thrill of dazzling.

In this game, I try to game design that eliminates the thoroughly wasted.

Those that do not need color even was shaved.

Abstracted world a structure in relief, only nature wo

Android version is also I am released.

It is a place that is compatible with 3D representation.

By corresponding to the 3D representation, more tactilely fear the obstacle hits, and I think that it is adapted to taste thrill to avoid.

Also, I think that the sense of speed and attractions specific fun such as dizziness are also more feel.

Zen Splash


Zen Splash 1.5.2